Success Stories

Pioneers in proprietary
battery packs.

CIDETEC Energy Storage is IRIZAR Group’s technology partner for the design, prototyping and certification of all proprietary battery packs assembled and installed by IRIZAR in its range of e-buses and other electric and hybrid vehicles.

The vehicles in the ie bus, ie truck and ie tram ranges, are now in operation in several European cities with IRIZAR/CIDETEC battery technology.

Collaboration with:

The first Spanish electric vehicle charging station with energy storage.

CIDETEC Energy Storage has worked alongside IBIL and REPSOL in energy design, sizing and commissioning of the first Spanish charging station for electric cars with backup battery, a pioneering initiative in Europe.

The first prototype, which is now 100% operational and open to the public, can be found in a Repsol service station on the N-I road in Gipuzkoa.

Collaboration with:

Proteo, a powerful simulator for battery design.
Predicts behaviours, optimizes cell design, streamlines processes and reduces costs and time-to-market.

PROTEO is a battery design tool developed by CIDETEC.
This simulator is the result of our expertise in the field Energy Storage and proven experience as a technological benchmark.

PROTEO is based on Multiphysics models combined with an extensive database, operated by CIDETEC, that is continuously updated with new data.

We offer:
  • Consulting in design and experimentation.
  • Zero prototyping.
  • Second life of batteries and degradation mechanisms.
Proteo Benefits:
  • User friendly
  • Prediction of cell performance
  • Cell design optimization
  • Low computational costs
  • Continuous support and assistence
  • Shorter development and reduced time-to-market

Collaboration with:

High performant and safe semi-solid lithium metal battery technology

CIDETEC Energy Storage has successfully developed an innovative semi-solid battery technology based on current-collector-free lithium metal anode, high loading Ni-rich NMC cathode and a lean highly conductive gel polymer electrolyte integrated into the cell in a cost-effective way.

  • The developed technology is currently situated at TRL 4-5 being demonstrated at 4.6-15 Ah cell level reaching >350 Wh/kg, >950 Wh/L, >3000 W/kg, and >250 full charge/discharge cycles at 25ºC.
  • Fully charged semi-solid 4.6 Ah cells successfully passed overcharge and nail penetration abuse tests.

The developed battery technology is based on commonly available battery materials and can be effectively produced on existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing facilities.

Collaboration with:

CIDETEC Energy Storage is ready to discuss all technical aspects of this technology towards partnering for further joint development and implementation in electrical vehicles.