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CIDETEC Energy Storage

We are a research and development organization specializing in advanced battery technologies, designing, developing and testing the batteries of the future for 25 years.

Our activity covers the entire value chain from battery chemistry to final application. We design and develop cells, modules and battery packs tailored to our customers’ needs, with a clear commitment towards technology transfer to industry.

We work in direct collaboration with leading national and international companies, including light and heavy vehicle manufacturers, the aerospace industry, battery manufacturers, energy companies and infrastructure operators.

We have unique capabilities in Europe to test and characterize batteries, model and predict their duration with specific usage profiles, as well as to adequately size different systems, offering technological services for material validation, pilot plant manufacturing, battery engineering and testing.

A major player in energy storage

CIDETEC Energy Storage has its headquarters in Gipuzkoa Technology Park, in Donostia-San Sebastian, where most of its staff, laboratories and unique equipment are located.
Our facilities are supplemented by a second site in MUBIL Electromobility Hub in Tolosa, where the extension to our Battery Test Laboratory is located.

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CIDETEC Energy Storage focuses its activity on sectors where electrification will have the highest impact.

Electromobility, including automotive and other transportation, like aero, rail and marine, as well as charge point infrastructure.

Energy sector

The Energy sector in general, with a special focus on renewable energy and smart grids.

Materials Industry

Materials Industry, including battery material and component manufacturers.

Battery manufacturers

We can work hand in hand with the whole spectrum of battery manufacturing professionals.




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