Testing & Characterization

In addition to our previous battery testing facilities, we have made an investment of more than € 6M in equipment in 2020, creating a new space dedicated to advanced testing and prototyping, unique in southern Europe.

Overview of main equipment

  • Full size cell level testing (cyclers, climatic chambers)
  • Module level testing (cyclers, climatic and altitude simulation chambers)
  • Adiabatic Calorimetry
  • Pack level testing (cycling, vibration, walk-in chambers)
  • Battery system testing (powertrain, power electronics)

Coin and small Cell testing

Temperature controlled room with more than 1050 channels for coin cell and small pouch cell electrochemical testing.

Cell testing

  • Cyclers with 520 charge and discharge channels up to 100A, 1.5V-6V, parallelizable
  • 20 Climatic chambers, ranging from -40ºC up to +180ºC temperature. Usable volume 700 to 1000 litres

Module testing

  • Cyclers with 75 charge and discharge channels up to 50A 0V-100V
  • 5 Climatic Chambers up to -40 +180ºC, 1000 litres
  • Altitude Simulation Cabinet -70 +200ºC, 0,005-1000 mbar

Abuse Testing and Calorimetry

  • Adiabatic, Accelerated Rate Calorimetry up to 40cm ɸ x 44 cm L
  • Suitable for cells and small modules
  • Thermal runaway and thermal parametrization studies
  • Abuse testing at cell level with gas sampling

Battery Pack testing

  • 5 Cyclers up to 250 kW, 1200 V
  • Configurable to reach 1MW of power
  • All channels are manageable from the device under test BMS
Walk in Chambers
  • 2 climatic chambers, 18m3 and 30m3
  • Hazard Level 6
  • Temperature range from -60ºC to +100ºC
  • Relative humidity range 10% to 95% (+10ºC to +70ºC)
Vibration - Mechanical shock
  • Two-shaker electrodynamic system in dual configuration
  • 5 – 2500 Hz, 200kN, max test weight 750 kg
  • Located in a dedicated safety bunker room

Battery system testing

Powertrain test bench
  • Back to back electric motor architecture
  • Capable of handling up to 1200 V, 350 A, 230 kW, 1000 Nm

Power electronics
  • 6 DC channels, 800V/20A/16kW. (Source and Load)
  • 2 AC channels, 400V/60A/50kW. (Source and Load)
  • Battery emulator 1200V/800A/250kW.