Battery Engineering

Engineering R&D

Starting from target specifications, our engineers design modules and battery packs for specific purposes and applications assisted by several computer design tools.

Then, in our Battery Assembly Workshop, we assemble full size working battery module prototypes for validation under real operating conditions.

High Voltage Test Bench

We have dedicated, specific spaces for High Voltage Battery System validation under real operating conditions. They are equipped with all necessary safety means, as well as auxiliary balance of plant items (cooling, electronic control units, etc.) along with a heavy-duty crane for physical handling of large battery units.

Prototyping equipment

Additive manufacturing

  • 3D printer, up to 406x355x406 mm3
  • Coordinate measuring machine, up to 700x1000x600 mm3

Laser welding

  • Laser welding 2 kW High precision laser welding station
  • Welding target dimensions 1200x615x450 mm3